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one day BiNet USA fundraising challenge going on NOW till midnight on August 17th

Freedom Isn't Free and It Isn't Cheap Either!

Longtime activist and tireless bisexual speaker Robyn Ochs of Boston issued a challenge to fellow bisexual activists to raise $300 by Tuesday, August 17 2010 at midnight to benefit BiNet USA. Robyn has said she would pitch in an additional $100 if the goal is met.

Please click HERE to read Mike Szymanski's article about it with lots of good info and links

As Robyn Ochs urges, "Let's reach into our pockets and support this important organization."

You can easily Donate righ now and ANY amount is needed and appreciated:
♥ BiNet USA's PayPal Account on Main Website or News and Opinions Blog
♥ BiNet USA's Cause on Facebook

BiNet USA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductable

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